Seeing a flying day ahead felt good after another long break, everything I had seen in the charts showed nne ne and so it seemed clear that Bo Peep was the only option. Chit chat online suggested the Dyke and West Firle but I could not compromise just because that was where everyone else was – that’s not the weather – that’s chatting – so I went to Bo Peep – again – in the end, everyone was right and flying happened in all those places.

It was very peaceful rigging in the pin-sharp sunshine alone on the ridge, Ron joined me for a little while but other than a river meandering past of cyclist and walkers I was left to my own thoughts.


It feels pin-sharp rigging when you know what’s coming, you forget in these gaps between flights just how liberating it is to have this thing in your garage that, with a little effort, contains so much promise.

rigged and ready

thought was a bit of a squeak over the fence, I felt myself lift my legs to clear it which was not a good start tbh. It was hard to get my feet in my harness and the air was very weak seeing me halfway down the hill half in and half out my harness and half thinking I was about to land and join Ron in the bottom field.

a still from Nicos’ video showing Dan Hamblin

I was determined not to and so got in tight to the hill and within a few beats got up enough to enter what was consistent and reliable ridge lift for the rest of the flight.

During the flight I was conscious of all the others flying at West Firle, checking my height relative to them, seeking to know if I had better air. Soon I realised that my attention was less on me and more on them which is when I started to take more notice of the gulls who were all out to enjoying the nice day. I followed them, watched them and felt them feel out the better air, finding that much more relaxing and feeling much more connected to my own flight – this, in fact, was the best part of the whole day.

me in the sky over Firle (Nicos’ video)

Once I started to feel the air start to relax I quickly took my landing nice and easy up on the top, lay in the grass and felt the sunshine warm me while listening to the breeze hiss through the fence.

Later I would drive to watch Bryany play in the 1st Hove ladies team against Henley where she scored 2 tries in quite some style. Later still we would all have a roast and not long after that, I was asleep in bed.


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