The plan had been to compete at the Slovenian Open – itself me responding to Gerolf’ suggestion after seeing I had signed up for the Austrian Open, that conversation resulted in me joining his class and the weather helped us decide to go in the opposite direction to Slovenia of which this is only the first step.


I am happy going toward home so I know that I will make my crossing in time without worries so it feels in that that there is some poetry to these changes.


Less poetry however was in this flight – in fact it was only a slide down the hill but it was a return to a place I love – Austria – there is something about it that is really peaceful feeling – more than I can really articulate in words – I feel it deep inside me – a kind of sense of belonging – hard to explain…


Returning to the starting place let me relax up there and make some drawing – embed myself in that place alone and with my thoughts.

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