one month after !

the scariest part but also the best... :-)

First flight after accident, I was nervous and doubtful of my mental quickness and how this would have and effect on my flying, I was continually making excuses but my friend Ozzie infected me with enthusiasm so I went along.

My first launch felt very active, I was being heavy-handed with my corrections and almost released in fact I made to go to do just that, however I stuck with it telling myself to just calm down and stop making inputs letting things settle, sure enough, everything did settled down and the rest of the flight was great.

After wards I was light headed and a little disorientated – it was strange feeling – so I asked for more time before the next launch… I think in fact I have lost a lot of my fitness and this feeling was me being out of breath, I think also that I had been in the sun without my hat and maybe it was mild sunstroke. It took maybe an hour staying away from everyone and laying in the shade before I felt like going again.

The second flight was also active but because Mike varied airspeed after takeoff rather than my lateral inputs which were sharper this time and so my heading was steady and smooth. Dealing with the slow speed was hard, very difficult to hang on and freaky to be pushing out so far especially when I entered the propwash again – but I thought **** it –¬†shoved¬†it out getting back up well… the rest of the flight was ok although the decent was faster than the earlier flight. Landing too was a dream, unlike my first arrival.

A great day.

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