The weekend was clear and blue and hot from the start to the end. Too much of a good thing however results in stable air offering no adventure, not this time anyway.


I spent both days at the Plumpton field, on Saturday I took a flight ,a little reluctantly maybe, but once I was off it was nice to feel me in the air. My tow was smooth with a nice launch and smooth ascent, on reaching the inversion layer it became suddenly rough at the same time Mike had levelled off and slowed down so I got a kicking and was off.


I made a simple flight down to land enjoying for a few minutes the cool air and the views. My landing was better but slightly cross, well, only marginally better. I chose the wrong part of the field with a cross upslope and a into wind downslope where the other end gave a nice into wind upslope. The mistake was to lose height at the wrong end of the field. Some initial planning about the landing approach would have helped.


Last year in these days I was in Italy getting ready to compete in the Italian Open, I was so relaxed and happy to be there as well as a little apprehensive, but in a good way. In the end I was punished hugely once I did fly, missing my whole summer adventure that would have included many beautiful things.

I was lucky however to live and to come out largely unscathed. Since then life have been quite difficult in lots of ways, so to spend a moment on the hill in the peaceful sunshine among friends I felt it restorative as well as renewing.

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