Repeat and try again…

My day started well, I launched first and got into a climb quickly, initial progress was good. This thing of ‘initial progress being good’ should be a warning sign… or the feeling that I am gliding too much or going too quickly, listening to my doubts and slowing up this is something I need to learn to be able to do.

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smelling pine fresh

I soon found myself low struggling, unable to get up at the same place that lead me to bomb yesterday. So rather than do that again I decided to return back towards launch in the hope to start again.

Gerolf’s comment in the briefing about getting stuck struggling to find a way back up and how that would result in you getting frustrated was so true – I was to hear every one of his words repeating again and again… ok ok patience and staying high these are the things that make a nice flight… enough already…..

I was  in weak areas of zero for what felt like ages, one time I noticed and eagle below me so I followed it thinking it might help me find better lift but it took me to heavy sink over some trees… I gained only a rush of adrenaline and the fresh smell of pine.

Thoughts that the flight may end early or incomplete gnawed at me, but after a while and keeping as relaxed as I could I did finally made it back up.

I then chose to use the back ridges to get round to the same place where I had the original trouble, powerline, then had them all over again. Looking at my tracklog I can see a moment when I am in lift in the right place going the right way but that I left it early looking for progress – I was rushing – I was punished for this and ended up continuing on course more out of frustrated determination than any achievement in the air.

I was now on the leaside of the ridge I should have been above, where with luck rather than judgment I found enough of a climb to give up on the task and try for goal. To aim for this was to ignore the whole reason for the flight, but I was knackered by now, and curious only to be trying up a long, for me, glide into goal.

One upright later, and no sympathy whatever from Gerolf, I was happy to be there… even if little frustrated.

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XC Flight on August 16th: 46.789718, 12.963867
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