Easter weekend seemed full of stuff, little of it to do with flying. This and that other thing seemed to fill all the time until it did not. So after a lazy breakfast in Brighton, I was off to the hill, Bo Peep as seems usual these days.

Traffic was a bit of a nightmare but I escaped via my cycling lanes and so was unaffected by the stress I saw in others. In fact even with my lazy start I was first to rig.

Paragliders bobbed up and down but not showing any real promise in the air, simple ridge soaring would be the full extent of what was possible. That however still felt like a gift in these days.

Initially I did try to circle in the lift I would find but nothing came to anything via that effort so after a while I settled on soaring up and down the ridge enjoying looking at the ground pass under me, the birds, tourists, horses and all the sheep made things interesting.

One beat in particular where I flew together with a buzzard all the way from the trig point to Alfriston, so serene feeling, a beautiful moment.

Later I would try to land which failed due to my leg being caught up in the zipper rope. I had got upright in an unusual sequence leaving me tangled up enough to arrive rather than land. Must remember to check everything is clear before it’s too late next time.

The weekend ended with walks and roasts, visits to see Fergus. Overall a most peaceful Easter weekend.

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