short but sweet

Seeing that the day would be good and feeling none of the anxiety that has been plaguing me for goodness knows how long I found was happy loading everything up and getting ready, happy and excited.

The day was a bit windier than I was anticipating once I arrived, which meant that I took my time getting ready, took my time rigging, talked too much, procrastinated. In the end I felt some of that anxiety return so I took more time and had a cup of tea.

Then it was ok, got ready and went, making a nice launch, struggling a little to find a way into my harness but other than that I was happy enough. The air was not however all that active, I had seen that it was cycling and guess I was in a sink cycle so I tried to hug into the ridge. That was difficult a little with quite a few others doing the same so in the end I slid out the lift and on my way to the bottom field.

I made a nice fast approach bubbled up a little at the end but made a big flare and landed, it was ok in the sense that I ran through and let the nose roll over and touch the ground, great because I was so much happier doing this with my new Rotor harness – it is a dream landing with that thing.

The banter in the bottom field was happy and full of chat – a really nice day however short my flight was.

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