The task today was to cross the main chain of the alps and not come back, we had no retrieve and so I collected leaflets about busses and trains on the 2 main corridors back.


Ambition is good but however attractive the idea that we would do this I was nervous and mindful I actually had no way to visualise the flight other than the waypoints in my instrument. This blindness caused me more worry.

None of that was the cause of me finding my first climb to be almost impossible, however the idea of being in camping at the height of the day unable to do anything in the heat meant that doing nothing in the air was infinitely preferable.

Practice is a good thing so I practiced going round and round for a good 4 hours, sometimes I would even go up.


In an echo of the last time with Gerolf I ventured into the back ridge, I struggled here too and was close to feeling like I was dropping into the valleys but in the end it was good to find some empty air and views to enjoy.

All this time on the radio I could hear the others progress well over the chain making an adventure that felt significantly out of my grasp, within me I was happy to notice the sun start to catch the texture of the ground as the day waned. Signalling that maybe it was ok to land now.


I listened to them talk and talk about their flights over the alps – it was full of adventure and ambition, I did not really talk about my flight and helped for the rest of the evening to retrieve others and collect the cars.

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