soaring the trees


Listening to your own advice is a trick that takes a bit of work, arriving and keeping to myself, rigging, flying waiting until after to really talk about it at any length has helped with recent flights. Nothing wrong with it at all but drifting into conversation will easily see a chunk of the day pass faster than is decent.

Launch then was late but into good enough air, the paragliders were legion┬ámore than I liked especially after on came out of wingovers straight and lever aiming right at me but looking back behind him – needing me to dive to slip under him.

I chose to use the height I had to go to the trig point and try there in peace but it was not to be – I did try and scratched a little in each bowl, even down at the trees for a few beats.

My landing was ok – I had plenty of speed and waited for the downslope to end but waited a tiny bit too long and saw a wing the right one drop just as I flared meaning I kind of rolled the aframe and the nose untidily on landing but kept my feet ok.

Others had really good flights up at 3000ft in great looking clouds.

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