I had not thought that it was all that flyable but was happy to find all the right arrows pointing in most of the right directions and so knew that Sunday would contain a little flying.


Opposite to other recent weekends it was more than less windy than forecast, this did not deter a speedwing flyer to try to ground handle showing that even windy days are no protection any more from the quilted hoards.

A classic windy squiggle above Firle.
A classic windy squiggle above Firle.

I farted about like a lemon for long enough to find no other excuses not to fly so I did, happy for a little help over to launch in the blustery conditions. Made a good fast run and letting the nose up once I was happy missed the ground for another time.

The flight was peaceful and happy full of light and a cyclist repeating the hill up Firle a sailplane that liked to skim underneath us all and a few Kestrels showing it was still north.

A very peaceful pleasant day out.

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