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Subject: Re: leg

From: Trauma Surgeon
Subject: Re: leg
Date: 21 November 2011 17:39:43 GMT
To: Scott Dougall

Hi Mr Dougall,

Glad to hear that you’re still getting on well.  I’ve provisionally booked a slot for you for Thursday 8th December to come is as a day case to have the frame removed under general anaesthetic. I think it is very likely at that stage that the fracture will be solid enough to require no further fixation, but in the unlikely event that there is still some movement there then I can proceed to internal fixation, either with an intramedullary nail or a plate.

The avantage of an IM nail is that the process of nail insertion itself is a strong stimulus for bone healing, but it is a bigger operation. The advantage of a plate is that it’s a smaller operation, as I can insert it minimally invasively. Plate fixation is not such a stong stimulus for bone healing, but can be combined with a procedure called “micro-drilling” which as the name suggests invovles drilling multiple small holes across any fracture line that is being slow to unite, causing bleeding and inflammation which stimulates healing.

The frame has now done its job, which was to provide fixation at a time when it wasnt possible to insert an IM nail because of the original fracture pattern and it wasn’t safe to plate the fracture because of the risk of infection from the open injury and the degree of swelling and damage to your soft tissues.

Mr Amazing Surgeon


So with this message this long and painful chapter closes, another will open. Now at last I can look forward to regaining fitness and confidence ready to fly again.

So many people assume that I shall give up my flying, think that now I have repaired my glider I will sell it…

They obviously have not experienced the beauty of flight. Its not an obsession, as some would have it, I dont look forward to flying through some demented misfiring of my neural pathways – I am not mad… its not like that, you would know if you knew.

Dreaming many dreams, feeling many feelings…

I just yearn deep inside for the sublime beauty that is flying.

[3 January 2014 – I still feel my leg as injured, it is like a pressure on my knee – as if someone holds it tight in their hands. I still have very little feeling on my skin on my lower leg and I am not able to run at all or walk more than maybe 5 miles – I am fine when cycling although I avoid big efforts or the more brutal climbs – however I cycle to work so do about 100 miles a week on average – so I am ok really – my landings suffer from a lack of confidence with my leg – I really need to address this as there is a large amount of irony in that affect. Overall I have been very lucky indeed having been looked after so well in both Slovenia and in the UK]