Rigged and ready to fly.

I saw a light thermic day at Swanborough, so keen to have a relaxing time on the hill watching the birds, craving the sense of peace, I was off.

However ridge was covered with paragliders all day. So disappointing on a hill we like to think of as hang glider only, a refuge from the masses.

So I felt I had to wait for the paragliders to have had enough and clear the ridge, which was the end of the day, leaving me tired and having been in the sun too long but I finally felt ready to go, so I did.

Good job too as the air had a lovely lifty quality and I enjoyed 20 mins gently soaring till it started to slacken, a bottom landing was not desirable so I went in as soon as it felt I was on my way down.

Had an ok landing – slightly late on the flare but ok – everything else was just so relaxing feeling.

Nice little flight.

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