The Dyke

The plan to go to The Dyke was made for me via some visiting pilots, Richard Hunt and Andy Hollidge, I had to admit I had not given the weekend a lot of thought so when asked to confirm their plans with some local intel I found myself getting interested too.

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 18.57.11

So after a fantastic comedy night in the gliding shop on Friday night, turning up to a sun bathed winters day on my favorite hill felt like a gift. Initially the wind felt lighter than forecast. A paraglider launching struggled to stay up although at the same time there were a few up ok at Truleigh. This simply made it easy to rig and then later when we were ready to launch and the wind strengthened it was perfect if a touch north.


For me I had about an hour enjoying the beautiful light, practicing with my glider on full VG and at slower speeds. I was getting locked out a few times with the little weakies that came through along the ridge. Which was quite hard work but worth getting used to after seeing others do well in light conditions.

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 13.00.46

It was great too watching Cookie and Andy Hollidge racing each other in with the aim of checking different trim settings. That was the excuse, but to me, it looked like a lot of fun. Great too to see so many sailplanes ridge running, for me, there was a few minutes when I seemed to be right in the centre of their waypoint and they were everywhere all at once, beautiful machines.


After we met up in the pub where I had a nice hot bowl of soup while discussing the day and listening to Andy reconfigure Steve’s overly complicated instrument.

My latest interface for my Flymaster is a touch too brief I think and Ill have to think about it more and add something to make it more urgent feeling when I look at it. I fear I may have taken away too much or reduced or not quite got the layout correct. But a few more flights will be needed to know really what to do to fix it.

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