The Dyke

RASP gave a sliver of hope while all others were forecasting rain so at least 20 hangies were out early to take advantage. I get ready nice and early then waited while

RASP’s sliver of hope

things warmed up and I could see people getting high. When I launched the air was generally buoyant lift was easy to find almost everywhere. I was trying not to wring the neck of any thermals I did find, trying to let go and feel what my glider was telling me. It was great, it took a little while settling after launch then I began to see some advantage from this approach, found a thermal and took it up to 3500amsl.

Sounds simple, but I thought I was already doing this in my flying however on this flight I was far more relaxed and my mind less focused on the mechanics of flying letting me sense the little movements in the air which when I followed them had me threading myself more through lift than sink for a time at least.

Later I circled for a while with Ozzie which felt different again, more like formation flying. Other times I have found I had forgotten the air while I was circling with someone but this time I split my attention between the other and the air, keeping sight via my peripheral vision only and my focus with my fingertips and the movements of my basebar.


After we all set down for a beer and a chat, the day was very chilled feeling despite there being a lot of bent aluminium around and at least one bloody nose. Landings were choppy looking in the westerly so I was happy to have selected to land with an approach over the pub even thought it took me two attempts.

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