un giorno tranquillo…

After some days in a foul mood and a morning of taking my son from one place to another place I was not in the mood for anything, so I went for a walk in the woods.

It was so peaceful there, the day so beautiful, my mind soon took me to the clouds.


Once home I got my gear together, had a quick squint at the synoptic charts and saw that the day would not last much longer, so I was off.

Arriving at the hill I found the PG school was there, this was fine, it felt ok, the instructors and students all seemed happy and at ease so I rigged fairly quickly, aware that although the wind felt nice it was easing all the time.

As soon as I was ready and had made a preflight check I was clipped in, had turned the glider, just briefly waiting for a space and I was off.

The day was indeed marginal so I hugged the terrain and enjoyed threading through the students and a tandem that occasionally took to the air with me, sharing was absolutely fine.

I played around trying to find the most VG I could handle and still be able to feel ok so close to the hill, in general however I was flying way too fast and noticed that whenever I was looking at them or thinking of something else I would pull in so it was taking conscious effort to let the glider go and fly slow.



Inevitably there are a few beats where you make less than more, I had some of these so I briefly tried the bowl to the north, which was a fail, so I was soon committed to a landing. I overflew the PG students then pulled in and skimmed a raised part of the field scraping the ground at 70kmh – it was great – I then pulled up and landed.

More walking got me back to the top where I had some tea and enjoyed the feeling of peace – something that has been missing for some time, this was a real tonic this flight, I loved it.

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