After waiting and dreaming and vaguely being very nervous I am finally in the alps. The camping place is beautifully full of pilots, but also very well equipped with jet propelled showers and endless hot water, I am in heaven.


Driving here was interesting via the Newhaven ferry to Dieppe, I did not sleep, and so was delivered at the start already tired, the roads started quiet  so it was not long, about 60 miles when I felt sleepy. Some 500 miles later I actually woke up drifting off the road, a strong coffee later and I was off again.

In an ironic was I was lucky my data free navigation app was so crap it meant I had to verify it with my tablet, which meant when disaster struck and the traffic queued I was able to get off the motorway and plan a route missing out the area with the problem, 3hrs later and I started to nod off again.

I stopped for tea in the same place I did last year just south of Munich, but, while mulling setting up my tent in the same place as last year a fat bloke got out his car fumbling with his zip and eventually looking paniced he pee’d right where I would have pitched my tent – so swiftly I chose to keep going. Some 100km later and struggling in blinding rain I stopped, parked and fell to sleep almost instantly, 700miles seems to be my limit in a day.

After some breakfast and a nice quiet moment looking to the mountains I started on the last part of my journey, it was peaceful, busy as it’s august, but ok. When I arrived at Griefenberg I was given the only free pitch on the whole site, lucky me, but but by the time Gerolf declared me ok to join the class they were fully booked so I came on spec.

In an hour we will meet to have our briefing and tomorrow we will fly. I have been watching landings feeling nervous trying to be calm Р the field is big but people glide in ground effect longer in nil I winds, different to almost all my experience. I am happy I watched so I know what to expect but we will see in the next days how things go.

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