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Turnpoint at Beddingham

RASP showed Sunday as being possible but maybe too windy, the inclusion of cold wind from Russia meant that it was always going to be a marginal call. However there were loads of hangies out making the day feel great.

I was late as I had overslept and made Robert some poached eggs, they were perfect but he still put the perfectly cooked yolks in the bin, what, I mean really…

In disbelief I got my glider on the car and left him to his playstation, his old dad was off to have some real world fun.

Setting up for flight on Bo Peep.

Launch was interesting, one wing low, a premature loss of contact with the ground and turbulence for the first few seconds woke me right up. The day was not windy but the cold air meant that it was nice and easy ridge lift from Alfriston to Beddingham. I noted that some people had launched from Firle so I flew the whole ridge, for some of the way at least together with a seagull that seemed happy to sit a few feet off my wingtip.

I did think about landing at Firle as it had been turbulent on launch and it was squally looking with the odd time when I was getting peppered with snow while in flight. This train of thought made me become anxious in general about my landing which in the end I just thought what a prat – get on with it.

Turnpoint at Beddingham

My first approach was tentative and high so I had to push out and lose height for a better approach – I was still too high but low enough to let the ground rise up and catch me. Disappointingly for me I totally forgot to use my feet I was so intent on keeping level or some other distraction and I ended up on my belly with no real reason why.

However I was fine nothing was bent and the flight had been fun – what was not so much fun was the first 5 minutes while my hands defrosted, I realised I had felt ok while in flight because I was numb and had no idea I was so cold.

Warm light at the end of a good day.

A nice afternoon that ended with a slight rush back home to get Robert – still in bed – to take him to my mother-in-laws for sunday dinner where I fell to sleep in front of the fire watching an old James Bond film.

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