It was a little like diving in a swimming pool, leaping off the top at its steepest part aiming to get ahead of my glider what was rolling off back to the car all on its own. I was too knackered for this I thought.

I had had some sort of complicated idea about rigging some way to easily carry my glider but in the end, it was a slog just like any other time I have flown Caburn, this time I alternated the harness and the glider meaning that really I went up it twice.

I rigged far back under the wind gradient meaning when I got to launch I questioned the sanity of it all as it was howling.

In the end, I went in very good air among a throng of swift’s managing to keep the nose down and run a fair bit, felt very physical, I shot up to a few hundred above.

The flight itself was fine, exactly what I expected, some lumpy ridgy air and a few thermals some birds and my internal clock that seems to want to land after an hour.

I zoomed down the railway track at 70mph and pretty much landed at the same place as last time, it was a good one, lumpy and active but good, this, in the end, was the whole point of flying at all – to land and take off – its been too long without any flights. Again.

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