un piccolo volo

Obviously I was late getting to the site, in terms of car parking that is, I took an age to rig as I had to make a repair to my sail but also talked a lot and forgot things so had to make many return journeys to the car.

Now and again it would spit with rain, never a lot and under a sky that never looked wet but also never looked sunny. I felt it light too and with all the bottom fields cropped I thought that since the next day looked better I may pack up and do some things at home ready to come again on Sunday.

Just as I said this to myself the day opened a little and everyone who had been blethering at launch took off – I realised then that I had not even finished rigging so had to rush about – make more trips to the car for other things I had forgotten and then launch.

My flight was fine – it was a soaring ridgy day in ok air but it was a flight, and those have been rare this year. Given last weeks slight nightmare I forgave myself for being nervous about landing.

I took my time to make sure I was not entering my approach too high, made a good approach but encountered rotor at the last meaning I was focused on that a lot and ended up throwing the glider away and landing on my belly. Did not break or bend my brand new uprights but I did dislocate a finger which is actually quite painful if maybe cheaper to fix :)

I realise that I was still overly¬†prone at the final part of my landing given my attention was on keeping things level it kind of was not on getting properly upright, illustrating that only so many things can be processed consciously during a landing and that most of it happens by feel. Gerolf’s long approach pattern freed the mind a lot to look for key entry points equally if the air is rough you want all the other necessary adjustments to me automatic – including your position in the harness.

[Note: I also moved my hang point forward a notch Рin the middle position now and hope that this balances my trim better.]

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