un volo un po’ lungo

Takeoff sometimes is blocked for a while with people not sure enough to launch, this was the case today, in a deeply ironic twist the waiting person, worried that it was nil winds launched after a dusty pranced through the setup area turning a glider over and ruffling a paraglider pilot.

I just ran after her – my launch felt however marginal as I skimmed the ground only by a few feet but entered the air and made better use of it this time.


The first few steps on my journey were good feeling – lift was strong – I felt confident and so I made progress – right up till it did not and I became stuck slowly sliding down the hill. Each failed attempt came at a cost so when I felt I was on my limit to getting back I went for it on a long hill hugging glide only just making it to camping with enough to make my approach and no more.

Landing was messy but ok.

Later I my car would go off and retrieve everyone else and I would then drive up to get the cars and find a dutch paraglider pilot walking down so it was nice to give him a lift.

The day was much better later – the mistake was to launch early after yesterdays short window…

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