unexpected treat

After looking at the weekend as being good because it had very little in it, I was freewheeling through it without any of my own plans. That was only when I opened the curtains on Sunday morning to be faced with bright November sunshine that all that changed.

It was not without some resistance but I made off to go flying, the day was too nice not to use it, especially given the feeling, I know all too well when you later hear about others flights on days I was too apathetic to use myself.


Keeping calm and quiet during rigging saw me chose to carry into the paddock field which was also more on the NW wind. I tried to stay focused more than other times but really there was nnothinggetting in the way of flying – no questions about the conditions or issues with the traffic.


My flights were fresh and quiet and relaxing feeling, something that was reflected in my heart rate during each and in particular the last one.


Landing was good but my last approach left me exposed to a mishap with the wind gradient that I got away with but that was a risk all the same – I was lucky.


Lucky a lot to be able to do this on a whim – what a privilege indeed.

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