Waking up to discover flyable weather is becoming a thing, the charts were not in good shape, the wind was on the hill and in these days one cannot be picky.

Remembering my basebar and forgetting my sunglasses I set off, The day was windy looking, the roads were busy my mind a mess meaning going flying felt cleansing.

Nicos had already flown when I arrived, the air looked wet and milky, but the wind felt steady enough so I rigged, got ready and doing just a few things differently, different bags – different clothing while flying I managed to drop my car keys while doing my final checks. One day it will all go smoothly.

The air was ok, felt secure, was warm and devoid for the most part of any real thermals, the fields were dark and so should really have worked but remembering the charts this was predicted. I had one good thermal all day.

Once things started to get turbulent I decided to land – sped about a little to lose height flew out a little and made a nice approach too high at first then better later discovering once I had that I had lost my keys – Dave Mathews found them for me :)

Later still, in fact as soon as I was home I jumped on my bike to do the Dyke Ditchling loop I like so much.

What a great day.

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