visit to the mountains

Beautiful slovenian mountains, I am in heaven.

We took our time to get to launch but once there we got ready quickly and I was first off with a decisive launch in nil winds into a thermal. I began to climb right away, gained some height but then made a bad choice to follow a paraglider, bad in that it was impatient and he was not marking better or even any lift, he flew into sink and returned and so did I luckily I got into a climb again, struggled a little to establish in it and had to keep searching.

I was lucky. However once I got to takeoff height the lift gained some strength and I began to look at the clouds. Dan was climbing well to the east so I placed myself under his cloud and between launch to get into a strong core. I stuck with this, feeling my way round till I finally, finally, made cloudbase, what a feeling – amazing.

Dan had already left so once I had circled for a while under my cloud, taking time to enjoy where I was and to dream a little… or a lot. I followed Dan to his cloud but soon he after I arrived he as off so I waited and topped up again to base before I flew into the high mountains. The rocks looked to have been in sun all day so i was disappointed that all I got was light sink. This placed me in a valley where there were few landings, other than I high village and its meadows there were only lots of trees and remote looking huts!! I tried to relax and began to search for ground sources managing to stay in zeros but always I was a little worried, I waited and searched for what felt like a long time till I gained enough to get into the next even more unlandable valley but into better lift. This lead me to connect with a peak and into strong lift and again to cloudbase.

Now I could really begin to relax again and enjoy where I was, I took time to look at the mountains and to look at the clouds to pick out a route over the next valley towards some beautiful rock faces, on the way I found and topped up again in some more lift.

This is where I began to lose focus not having a planned route, I was reticent about getting stuck again and erred towards our camping valley, I flew to Kobarid where I climbed again and then thought to return to camping, once safe there I was able to stay at the same height without thought…

I was very happy to be flying so high without any worries – I let myslef really feel what I had done and where I was – enjoyed the quiet for a while before unzipping to eventually spiral off my altitude. This was a bit trippy, I pulled loads of G in my harness – made me feel sick actually. While doing this I could see Ozzie drive out from camping to the landing field with Chris, I was happy to have my friends there as I landed.

An ok landing ended a great flight – but had to lay down for a bit as I was nauseous from my descent !!!! my best flight yet by a long way.

Yesterday was so special it will never be beaten but today came close and will never be forgotten.

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