Waiting for the day…

After yesterday’s rain today started cloudy and rubbish feeling, the forecast however was for better so I got ready and we went to takeoff. Gerolf is a fascinating character we have great discussions in the car going up the hill.

Today felt slow and unlikely, but it also felt to have promise. I got to the ramp early but had an issue with my  radio so stepped as side, I then felt confused how to get back in line, no one would give me space so in the end I went for where I was, this felt marginal.

waiting to launch

I flew ok but need to recognise the feeling of doubt as a signal I am doing something wrong. I felt it while passing an area where I should have climbed, in the end I could not read the ground and the air, so, without an answer I was soon on the ground.


My new approach is great, it makes things all fit and not feel random, my landing was good just where I chose. Austria is utterly spellbinding beautiful, I am strongly drawn to it.

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XC Flight on August 15th: 46.772790, 13.024979
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