First time after a long time is often a little wobbly while you the air once more, this was a lot like that and in many ways I was not surprised.

This year I have a great summer trip lined up I can’t wait already so seeing my feet lift off the ground felt like the first step on that journey.

The flight itself was only 20 minutes long contained very little other than me trying to settle myself down and relax then one failed approach which was too fast and one that was just perfect.


Reflecting on it I did struggle yes but did find some lift, my main mistake was to climb then lose focus on it, not be determined or tenacious enough to keep working forward along its line seeking a better core and building on small gains, I am sure if I had done this I would have had a chance to at least get above the 1400ft AMSL level where others reported that the lift started to coalesce and staying high became more likely.

All that said I still smile feeling my flying is re-born.

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